Rejoice Night Owls! McDonald’s To Start Serving Breakfast in the P.M.

McDonald’s will start testing breakfast menu items during lunch and dinner hours.
The popular breakfast sandwich may soon make its way onto dinner tables.

The fast food chain that America loves to hate but that secretly indulges in, has taken the first step in creating a sweeter and greasier future. McDonald’s restaurants will soon start serving French fries and Sausage McMuffins…at the same time, 24/7. However, unless you live in San Diego, don’t be heading out to the nearest drive thru tonight to appease your munchies with a McGriddle. McDonald’s will only be rolling out the new menu change at select locations in the California coastal region this Spring.

Although McDonald’s has been the king of burgers and fries for decades, despite whatever Burger King alleges­­, sales for the purveyor of Happy Meals have been depressing for the past few years. This generation of consumers is more aware of the health risks of eating processed foods. As a result, they are seeking fast casual restaurants like Chipotle and Panera Bread for a fresher and healthier alternative.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and until McDonald’s can manage to clean up its image, it’ll have to resort to making a change that the franchise itself has been reluctant to take. The fast food chain has been aware for years of the customers’ demand for a breakfast menu that operates past 10:30 a.m, but prepping Big Macs and pancakes simultaneously is a major challenge. The kitchens in the restaurants are set up in a way to enable the efficient production of meals, so making any minor alteration can throw off Ronald’s quick and easy system. However, it does make someone wonder how Jack in the Box currently succeeds in serving breakfast along with lunch.

If all-day-long breakfast is a hit for both employees and customers, McDonald’s will gradually take this concept to the remaining establishments. It’s almost certain that this change will be very well received by McFans. Although every recognizable fast food chain includes breakfast items in its menu, none are as iconic as the McMuffin. In addition, night owls and teenagers will love enjoying a delectable Deluxe Breakfast platter after waking up at 2:00 p.m. Finally, Mickey D’s could also capitalize on all the Saturday night clubbers looking for a place to keep the party running.

The popular hamburger chain will be looking into implementing other changes to pull in new and long-lost customers. The longevity of the golden arch is at stake, and while offering a more diverse menu is a phenomenal approach, McDonald’s has to connect with the wants and needs of its customers. Offering a guilty pleasure with a little less guilt.

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