President Barack Obama Trash Talks Paul Pierce at White House Pickup Basketball Game

White House Easter Egg Roll
The 137th White House Easter Egg Roll.

Today the White House held its annual Easter Egg Roll. However, with past and present NBA players, like Dikembe Mutombo (who just got elected into the Hall of Fame today), John Wall and Paul Pierce, in attendance, there was also a little game of pickup basketball. “It was fun. He’s got the weirdest jump shot release but he showed off today,” Wall said. “He hit two game-winners.”

Along with getting up some shots, the players and children got in some workouts to promote the NBA FIT campaign.



According to J-Wall, who was on The President’s team, Obama knocked down a game-winner and then told Pierce, “’I’m clutch. I’m clutch.'” A few hours ago, J. Michael of reported that Pierce didn’t practice today because he was “sick.”

We guess getting schooled by the POTUS is a good enough reason to miss practice.

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