Q&A: Friskies Pull ‘n Play with Niky Roberts

Friskies introduces Pull ‘n Play, the latest innovation in cat snacks with the first-ever tender, edible strings for cats. We sit down with a member of their marketing team to explain how it works.

If you own a pet, you know that they are part of the family.  Often times we love them just as if they were one of our kids and there’s nothing that we wouldn’t do for them.

Recently I had a chance to sit down with a member of Purina’s Marketing and Public Relations team, Nicole Roberts, and we talk about Friskies Pull N’ Play, the first ever edible string cat treat. It was originally introduced June 25, 2015 at their launch which was an interactive adoption event with pro football player Steve Weatherford and celebrity cat Waffles. And since I couldn’t attend I naturally wanted to find out more about it.

C.J.:  What inspired Friskies Pull ‘N Play?

N.R.: The concept of Pull ‘n Play is to give cat owners a whole new way to treat and play with their cat.  It’s a treating experience that allows cat owners to spend more quality time, playing with their cats.

C.J.: Where can I find out more on America’s Most Playful Celebrity Cat, Waffles?

N.R.: Waffles is one of America’s most playful celebrity cats, which makes her such a good fit for Friskies Pull ‘n Play. You can check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

C.J.: Why the name Wobbert for the Pull ‘N Play toy?

N.R.: Wobbert is a wobbly cat toy that can accommodate two treats at once: yummy Pull ‘n Play strings fit into Wobbert’s ears and Friskies® Party Mix™ treats go into his belly. Let the good times wobble!  And the name fits his fun personality!

C.J.:  When testing the product did the cats equally spend the same about of time with the product when it didn’t contain a treat? If so, what enticed the cat to play with the toy when it doesn’t contain food?

N.R.: Unfortunately I don’t have any information on this to share. However, I can tell you that Wobbert was designed to be used in conjunction with Friskies Pull ‘n Play and Friskies Party Mix and it’s a whole new way to treat and play with your cat.

C.J.:  Is there a miniature Friskies Playhouse available for purchase? If not, will there ever be one available for individual purchase? If so, where can I purchase one?

N.R.: There are not currently any plans to create a Friskies Playhouse available for purchase. At Friskies, we put the cats in charge, so we’ll pass this suggestion along to the cats for consideration.

C.J.:  I notice on Nestle Purina PetCare Dog Food you use ingredients that are stereotypically used with Felines, such as Salmon & Chicken. What is it about poultry that is beneficial to Canines and Cats?

N.R.: Ingredients like salmon & chicken are good sources of protein. These proteins are part of the complete and balanced diets provided in all of our pet foods.

C.J.: Why do you feel people should consider adoption over purchasing a pet?

N.R.: Some people looking for a specific breed may want to go to a breeder, or check with their local shelter, which may have a surprising number of purebred cats on the adoption floor. If you’re looking for a cat based on personality, you have many options. You could visit a shelter, a rescue organization or a foster home if you want to rescue a pet, or visit a breeder.

C.J.:  Since it seems that cats are always sleeping, I think it was a great idea to get them to interact with their future owners at your Friskies Pull ‘N Play interactive adoption event with Pro Football Player Steve Weatherford! Do you think your product could replace Cat Nip? If so, why? If not, why?

N.R.: Give your cats a variety of toys to play with! If you haven’t tried Friskies Pull ‘n Play yet, introduce it to your cat and let the good times wobble; it’s a whole new way to treat and play with your cat.

C.J.: Since the 3 delicious flavors Friskies Pull ‘N Play come in are Chicken & Cheese, Salmon & Shrimp and Tuna & Crab, could humans enjoy the treats too? (Seriously I have seen people eat cat and dog food, I remember when I was a kids because it smelled soo good I wanted to taste it, I never ate it again…Lol:)) And is it recommended to feed our pets human food mixed with the pet food? Why or why not?

N.R.: Friskies Pull ‘n Play is designed for cats. Cats have complex nutritional needs, which is why Purina creates foods that are 100% complete and balanced.

C.J.: How can fans/ customers get their pets in your advertising commercial ads? Do you use a regular pet actor? If so, are they open for an interview with me?

N.R.: Not at this time, but thank you for thinking of Friskies!

For those who didn’t attend the “Friskies Playhouse,” there is still an opportunity to join the festivities. Friskies Pull ‘n Play is searching for the Most Playful Cat in America with the help of celebrity cat Waffles. For a chance for your cat to be named the Most Playful Cat in America, simply upload a picture of your furry friend to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MostPlayfulCat to be entered into the sweepstakes through August 10.

You can also enter the sweepstakes at the www.Friskies.com/PullNPlay. The grand prize is $1,500 cash and a Wobbert toy, plus a one year’s supply of Friskies Pull ‘n Play strings, and 50 first place winners will receive a Wobbert toy and a one year’s supply of Friskies Pull ‘n Play.

Join the online conversation by using #MostPlayfulCat and visit www.Friskies.com/PullNPlay for more information about Pull ‘n Play.  Check out the video below to see how it works.

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