Sound of Summer: “Watch Me” by Silento

With 48 million views and counting on YouTube, Silento’s “Watch Me” has proved why it has become the official song of summer.

What is a “dance craze?” The popular term usually refers to the first and biggest version of the phenomenon.

When did it begin? The time frame that first comes to mind is the 1960s, when Rock n Roll legend Chubby Checker invented “The Twist”.

As hip hop and popular music enthusiasts, we have all been through countless and seemingly endless dance crazes. Do they still exist? Of course they do. Enter 17-year-old Silento’.

Fueled by his massive summertime smash which first took the Internet, and now the world by storm, Atlanta native Silento’ makes his mark on the hip hop world as encourages people of all ages to watch him “Whip” and “Nae Nae.”

Uploaded to his YouTube channel on January 26, 2015, “Watch Me” achieved over 48 million views in just five months. In April 2015, he was signed to Capitol Records which released the rising hit as a single with its accompanying and equally contagious music video.

As a result of Silento’s heavy airplay and video rotation, the infectious “Whip” and “Nae Nae” is a staple at everything from family barbecues and birthday parties, to school dances and office events. In addition to becoming the next big thing, Silento’ mainly aspires to bring fun vibes back to hip hop. As long as he keeps hits like these on his roster, he has nothing to worry about.

Last month, Silento’ also gave a rousing performance of “Watch Me” along with the cast of Black-ish and rapper Migos at the 2015 BET Awards aired on BET on June 25, 2015.

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