Janet Jackson Reveals Music Video for ‘No Sleeep’ ft. J Cole

Janet Jackson sashays around a mansion in her music video for "No Sleeep," featuring J Cole.

Rainy days are better spent inside and that’s exactly what Janet Jackson is doing in the music video for the remix of her single, “No Sleeep,” featuring J Cole.

Similar to the slow melodic song, the visuals are slow-paced as soft hues of blue and orange envelop the songstress when she sings the sultry verses and hooks.

The camera follows Jackson as she sways around the dimly lit mansion. In the background, a projector shows photos of Jackson in her childhood years.

She then heads to the stairs she delivers one of the most memorable lines: “You better be ready my king, because I’m gonna be the queen of insomnia.”

There’s no big dance number, but, while on the stairs, Jackson slips on a hat — reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson’s fedora — as she does a smooth two-step.

The video breaks into a passionate red overlay as Jackson confidently sings the hook, then she smiles and softly says “Cole World,” so we know what’s next.

Ms. Jackson seems smitten as she giggles during Cole’s corny but cute lines:

(Our time together has inspired a song or two / Or three, or four, or more, mi amor)

and clever quips:

(I’m sure, either you’re the one or I’m caught in the matrix / Staying up for hours while we talk and get wasted / Not from weed smoke, or this cheap wine /Drunk off love we both feel deep down (inside))

At the beginning and the end of the video, the word “Plush,” appears in the window as if it’s been finger painted in the condensation.

The word has been referenced before by producer Jimmy Jam in a tweet.

Fans speculate that it may be Jackson’s next single or the new album name.

The music video is directed by David Meyers who’s also the mind behind Aaliyah’s “More Than A Woman,” and Jackson’s “All For You.”

The song was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis who have worked with Ms. Jackson on at least nine other songs including “That’s The Way Love Goes,” “Together Again,” Doesn’t Really Matter,” and “All For You.”

Jackson is gearing up to tour the world in her Unbreakable World Tour which kicks off in Vancouver, Canada on August 31st, 2015.

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