Meek Mill Responds To Drake

YAS! Meek Mill finally responds to Drake with his diss track, "Wanna Know". Did it put Meek Mill on top? Well...

Drake V. Meek Mill

Meek Mill has started the most interesting mainstream rap feud of this year. At the moment, nothing noteworthy is really happening in mainstream rap – it’s borderline boring. Meek spiced it up a bit. And Drake actually responded. In fact, he responded twice with: “Charged Up” and “Back To Back (Freestyle)”. Drake’s disses get better as he continues dropping diss tracks. But, at nearly an hour before midnight, Meek Mill dropped his diss track, “Wanna Know”, on his Soundcloud.

Is It Good?

Well… The song starts with a classic Hip Hop sample (funk master flex night) and a cheesy explosion. It just sounds random and out of place for the sole reason of getting brownie points. It’s the equivalent to adding a laser sound during every animation of your powerpoint to make it seem cool.

This generic sample continues as Meek starts to talk about he “wanna know” about some ironies. After his intimidating “callouts” he transitions from talking to rapping over a generic Meek Mill beat. He calls out Drake and samples his infamous line “running through the six with my woes…” and calls Drake soft. Meek continues to diss Drake, half screaming, and continues into a talking break. Half of this song is just talking. It ends with the cheesy, misplaced samples it started with.

The beat is barely decent and Meek only had one good line:

So no, this was weaker than “Charged Up”.

Bonus! Questionable Lyrics

I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six sh*t
Tell us who the f*ck Quentin out here running through the six with?

Meek is still on this “ghostwriter”, but this was just random. And then this went to a slowed-down sample of the song. Because this was needed to drag (I’m using this very loosely) Drake.

Lock your sister in the a** and hit your brother up
You really sweet, I call you buttercup

I might be missing something, but Meek went from having sex with Drake’s sister to calling him a buttercup…

You f*cking dork you come at us because you studied us

Meek called Drake a dork like he’s in the fifth grade. Plus, we all know Drake didn’t study Meek or his crew.

Sucker thinks he’s good
Sucker thinks he could whoop me

It doesn’t take a lot to be a better rapper than Meek Mill.

You know you f*cked up right?
You shoulda just said nothing

I mean, you started it. All Drake did was reply – twice. Regardless, this threat doesn’t hold any merit. We all listened to this struggle diss song.

Meanwhile I’m on the cover with a platinum chick

I know this isn’t a comparison to Nicki, but this line made me laugh. Nicki has a multi-platinum album and singles while Meek has a “platinum whip”. Ha-ha, ha.

This that Ja Rule shit and 50 cent

Well, Meek, you are kinda right. You would be Ja Rule while Drake would be 50, just because Drake is better. Will a diss song from either one of y’all be remembered as one of the best diss tracks of all time? Nah, not even top 50.

Final Thoughts

Meek only had few good lines, but nothing that makes you gasp and reevaluate your life. To be honest, I didn’t think Meek Mill could make a diss song better than Drake’s, and I was proved right. Meek is more emotive during his diss songs, but Drake has better lyrics, beats, production, etc. It’s an uneven playing field.

Regardless, I’ll be waiting to see what Drake responds with and if Meek can make a better diss track. I mean, it took him 9 days to make this?

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