Donald Trump, Jorge Ramos, Univision and The Hypocrisy of Latinos Unidos

Donald Trump has said some crazy things but the sudden urgency of the Latinos Unidos movement has me giving Jorge Ramos and Univision some serious side eye.
Donald Trump has pissed off Latinos-namely Mexicans.

Apparently, Donald Trump has pissed off the Latino community. He is boycotting Oreo cookies because they will now be manufactured in Mexico. He has labeled all Latinos as Mexicans (I chuckled by the way). Then he, as a matter fact, stated that Mexico is “sending its worst to the United States”.

Univision clapped back on “The Donald” by canceling his telecast of the “Miss U.S.A. Pageant” (do people still watch that?). The Latino network was pressured by the Mexican government to then break their signed contract with Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization.

Fast forward to August 25, 2015: Donald Trump held a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa and Univision’s Jorge Ramos was an invited journalist. Two minutes into the press conference, Ramos asked a question about immigration and Trump’s proposed policies out of turn. He instructed him to sit down because he hadn’t called on him. Jorge Ramos refused and Trump ejected him. That’s pretty cut and dry, right?

Jorge Ramos later returned to the press conference but the damage had already been done. Mr. Ramos’ ego was crushed. Donald Trump finally called on Ramos and the heated exchange occurred.

Jorge Ramos had a very obvious agenda. He, repeatedly, asked Trump about his proposed immigration policies and Trump didn’t answer. When Trump asked Ramos a series of question, he flat-out refused to answer them and the last question he agreed with Trump. Afterwards, Ramos took his anger to the Latino community. He has urged all Latinos to come together to stand up against Donald Trump. He has stated that Trump has a problem with Latinos. I call bullshit.

Afro Latinos
La gente sin representacion! Afro-Latinos

La maldita hipocresia! Latinos Unidos (Latinos United) only has significance when a white, blue-eyed Mexican is offended. How dare you, Jorge Ramos! I’ve yet to see this man address the racism in his own country let alone the racism against Afro-Latinos from other countries. Jorge Ramos es blanco. His skin gives him a privilege that my husband, our daughter, I or countless other negritos have never had in the latino community.

In 2015, we still see blackface on Univision and Telemundo but he would ask afro-latinos to stand with him against Donald Trump?

What’s in it for black folks? Unfortunately for him, that movement won’t work for me. My allegiance is to African diasporans. I am not the only person who feels this way. The issue of immigration is namely about Mexicans and Jorge Ramos (he is a Mexican immigrant who became a citizen) has a vested interest. 52% of all illegal immigrants are Mexican. Twenty-four percent are from Central America and the remaining percentage make up Europe, Asia, and Africa so forgive me if I’m not falling in line with his plan.

Until black Latinos are treated with decency, kindness and respect by white and indigenous counterparts, Jorge Ramos has nothing coming from this way. The same way he cares about immigration issues (Mexicans). I care about black people. Black Latinos have always stood with other Latinos when it comes to political or social causes that are pertinent to the Latino community. Where’s the reciprocity?


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