Religion, Idiots and The American Dream

There's nothing worse than standing behind the facade of religion and being a jackass. This country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Religion seems to bring out the worst in people. Folks are shoving their bogus dogma down American throats and there is no end in sight. Kim Davis is the quintessential “good ole girl”. Since the June 26th ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteeing the right of marriage for same-sex couples, she has gone on a one-dumb woman rampage to protect the holy sanctity of marriage. The Rowan County Clerk, an appointed position, has refused to issue marriage licenses to any couples- gay or straight. She doesn’t believe that homosexuals should be able to marry one another. Has anyone applying for a marriage license told this broad to mind her business? I don’t think so. The courts ordered Kim Davis to do her job. However in the name of “Baby White Jesus” and “under God’s authority”, she opted to go to jail instead. What a martyr for Christ!

I have questions…. so many questions. Are people praying for her to find tolerance? Why hasn’t she been read for filth? I’m talking about an NYC queen read that would leave her crying and me cackling while bathing in her white tears! Get it together people. We need a tangible resolution here. Can we put her in a pot? Does anybody have some sage, cascarilla and agua de Florida?

The homely, thrice-divorced Kim is about that life- that hypocritical, bigoted asshat life. Listen, nobody cares about her religion. What other folks eat doesn’t make her shit. Heathens, whores, gays, nor blacks are pointing our fingers at this Jezebel. In the eyes of the Lord, her first marriage is the only one that’s valid but the government, ironically, gave her the opportunity to dissolve three previous marriages. Shut the front door! Did somebody in the clerk’s office actually do their damn job? There are so many things that are wrong with this picture.

To add insult to injury, US Rep Steve King has the balls to compare this clown to Rosa Parks. What the hell? I hope every African ancestor past and present haunts his dreams and slaps him for disrespect. It was bad enough that she came home to redneck fanfare and a theme song not to mention her MTV Awards-style grandstanding by “giving the glory to God” but she is STILL refusing to do her job.

How does that work? I’m sick of right-winged America shoving their bullshit religion down our throats. These are the same folks you see getting married 4 times, condemning homosexuals for wanting to get married but getting caught with transgender women or gay men in expensive hotels while being married or downloading kiddie porn. Kim Davis is no different from any other white person asserting their privilege via religion and/ or race.

This same privilege that has been a thorn in the ass of Americans for centuries. She sits in her smug pile of arrogance in the name of protecting America and God’s virtue by interfering in the lives of others. She is despicable and I’m certain that she would have been the same broad in the same office doing the same thing to black and white couples that were trying to get married after the 1967 Supreme Court ruling allowing interracial marriages- all in the name of her fucked up religion.

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