Selfies Have Killed More People This Year Than Shark Attacks

Taking a selfie can be dangerous to your health. So please use that selfie-stick responsibly.


New research has shown that more people have died in 2015 from trying to take a selfie than have been killed in shark attacks. The study highlights how there have been at least 12 reported deaths from people while they were taking selfies compared to just the eight who have died in shark attacks. The news comes after a Japanese man recently died when he fell down the steps of the Taj Mahal while taking a selfie.

Now, granted, there are far more people taking selfies than swimming in shark-infested waters, so naturally the opportunity to die should also be greater.  But how does someone die taking a selfie, really?

One of the main causes of death when people are trying to get the perfect selfie was falling from tall buildings or structures. Several tourists have died in the past few months after they fell from bridges while attempting to take photographs. Meanwhile, several people have been killed or severely injured after they were electrocuted while taking a selfie from the top of a train and one teen even managed to shoot himself in the head.

The growing popularity of selfies has led to many public spaces banning the use of accessories such as selfie sticks that can be a danger to tourists and other at large gatherings.