Howl to the Moon With Mexican Gray Wolves as they Make Their Comeback

Mexican gray wolves are given a chance to come back and to be saved from extinction.

Mexican gray wolves are making a comeback. So sing to the moon with them as they make their journey back to the wild.

The US Fish and Wildlife Services have recently announced that they are going through with releasing ten wolves to the wild, which on the surface sounds like great news. But these wolves are endangered and it’s still legal to hunt to them, and most people will without fail. But the hope here is to release these amazing creatures and save them from extinction.  Inbreeding is also a big fear for these wolves as it could lead to their extinction. Bills are also being passed, to help to protect the wolves as they strive to make their come back.

Wolves have been endangered for years, and people feared that wolves of any type would be gone before our next generation. But thanks to wolf lovers and US Fish and Wildlife Services, wolves have a chance.

Wolves are important to our ecosystem just as with any other animal, so let’s do our best to keep them around for generations to come.

So wolf lovers howl to the moon with our furry friends as we continue to help them grow and give them life.

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