Being Gay In Hip-Hop: ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’

Miles Brock and Milan Christopher are hip hop's first openly, gay couple. Will hip-hop embrace them or will they be ostracized?

Being gay in hip hop is an oxymoron. It’s a misogynous industry filled with overt sexism, testosterone tirades and a general disregard for women and gays. VH-1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood “kicked in the door waving the .44” on homophobia this season with the network’s first gay couple on the show.

Miles and Milan Christopher’s relationship was wrapped in a shroud of mystery these first couple of episodes. Tonight’s episode was major.

Milan- Hip Hop's openly gay rapper
Milan from VH-1’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
photo courtesy of

It appears that Milan has been out for a while and is comfortable with who he is. Miles, on the contrary, has struggled with his sexual identity including leading on his high school sweetheart, Amber, for years.

Apparently, people in Amber’s (Miles’s off and on girlfriend) camp suspected that Miles was gay and even shared it with her. Miles, finally, admitted to her that he was gay on tonight’s episode.

Man, it was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments that I’ve watched on television in a long time. My heart broke for Amber. I couldn’t imagine the anger, humiliation or disappointment that she felt when he admitted this to her as the world watched. My heart, also, broke for Miles because I couldn’t imagine not being who I am. I don’t doubt Miles’ love for Amber. I hate that he felt that he couldn’t be truthful to his FRIEND! This announcement would never be easy so prolonging the inevitable just made it worse to me.

It, also, sucked that he had to hide who he was from his family. When he came clean about his sexuality to his sisters, I abhorred the typical black, Christian response from the sister. She said, “We have morals…so you just saying ‘Fuck God?’ ”

Are you fucking for real?… He needed his sister not a damn sermon and telling him to make better decisions was not what he needed at that moment. And last time I checked God hated hoes, liars, greedy assholes that eat shrimp and lobster and people who are banging other people’s spouses. I could damn NOT! Then again- I’m not Christian so I don’t worry about that shit.

Fortunately, they came around quickly.

Miles- openly gay rapper on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Miles has just come out of the closet on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.
Photo courtesy of www.the

It is extremely difficult being gay in the hip hop music industry. I, also, know that they aren’t the only gay men in the rap game. I can appreciate their bravery.

Hip hop, as a whole, is disrespectful as fuck to women so we can, only, imagine the disrespect that an openly gay man would receive in the game. This isn’t about condoning a choice. It’s about living your truth. One of my biggest problems with hip hop is the damn frontin’ that’s running rampant in the industry.

To be honest, I will take gay rappers over these heterosexual, bitch made women-hating MC’s any day. I want to see Miles and Milan make it. I want people to be loved no matter who they or who they love. Let’s make that happen!

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