GTA 5 Gets in on The Back to The Future Fun With Video

For many, many eighties film fans (and film fans, in general, let’s be honest) this day has been a long time coming. Last year saw a number of people report the wrong day, but this year it is here. Finally, it is Back to the Future Day! Today is the day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future 2. Today’s date was the one featured on that much-recreated dashboard and although their view of the future isn’t completely correct there are a number of things they did foresee. And as people revel in the fun that the day has brought with it (social media is swamped with all kinds of tributes) it would appear that Grand Theft Auto is not one to be left out.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Rockstar Edition) was released last month and Grand Theft Auto Series Videos has recreated one of the most famous scenes from the scene. A rather rough a gruff Doc Brown, a somewhat ‘jock’ Marty and a different coloured Einstein are featured in the iconic parking lot scene from the first film where Doc first sends Einstein the dog a different time in his DIY time machine, based on a DeLorean. Whilst it may not be a carbon copy there are a number of nods to the film in the details. Marty’s cap, the number plate of the DeLorean and beginning the video with the famous dashboard display. The vid effectively uses audio from the film to make an entertaining and reminiscent short.

The video is put together using the Rockstar Editor utilising s series of mods and features the handy work of a number of fans. This epic video demonstrates what can be done with the Editor, patience and time.

GTA is not the only game offering tributes to the popular, beloved time travelling film. Vehicular football game Rocket League has announced that a DeLorean will be introduced as downloadable content. With tributes to the film hitting the web as the day progresses, this is set to be an epic day of remembrance. Great Scott! This is heavy.

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