Meet Julia, Sesame Street’s Newest Character

Sesame Street introduces a new character with autism. Meet little Julia. She’s a sweet girl and is here to help raise awareness about autism.

Come and meet Julia, Sesame Street’s newest character. There’s also more to her than meets the eye. But what is it?

Julia, the newest addition to TV’s beloved children’s educational program, has autism. Yup. You heard right. Julia has autism. Now before everyone gets all wound up, just sit back for a moment and just take it in.

Sesame Street has always been about teaching toddlers and kids. The creators thought to bring in Julia to teach not only toddlers and kids about autism, but to teach parents. Yeah, parents. Some of you need a reminder of what autism is, and how it works.

Julia is a bright and loving character. Despite her autism, she is able to function like you and me.  She just thinks and does things differently.

Everyone is different, but then again we’re all the same, is the message Sesame Street is trying to get across. But why else is Julia here? She’s also here to help raise awareness about autism. Over the years, autism has become more and more pronoun with children, like ADHD. By raising awareness, the creators hope it will help those around them and spread the word, raising awareness on their own.

Julia is a great way to introduce autism to kids, and to help parents raise their own awareness. I wish the best of luck to the new character and Sesame Street.

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