Sherlock Christmas Special to be Shown Worldwide Simultaneously

One of Britain’s most famous sleuths, Sherlock Holmes, returns this festive period in a special episode. British talent Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will reprise the roles of Sherlock and Dr Watson that they made popular in the TV series. What makes this episode different, however, is the fact that it will be shown around the world. At the same time. Trickery? Why no, it is elementary, my dear Watson.

Actually it is called simulcast, broadcasting material simultaneously across mediums, much like what is done with live sporting events. Sherlock has been viewed around the world and has gained a large following. The series was released in China in 2010 and the latest series gained 98 million followers, so it’s understandable that producers and station officials want to tap into that market.

The Christmas special sees the return of not only the two well-known lead actors but also series familiars Rupert Graves, Una Stubbs and Amanda Abbington (Martin Freemans real-life partner), with the series team of Mark Gatiss (known by comedy fans for his work on The League of Gentlemen) and Steven Moffatt co-writing the 90-minute special episode with Douglas Mackinnon, known for The Flying Scotsman and various episodes of Dr Who, take the directing helm. Whilst the series has been brought up to the present day the stills from filming suggest that the special will involve a Victorian time period if the costume is anything to go by.

With Benedict Cumberbatch currently starring in London on stage in Hamlet and working on the anticipated Jungle Book Origins film as Shere Khan, and Martin Freeman having been working on next year’s Captain America: Civil War, it’s a miracle they found the time to make the retro special. Though fans will surely be glad they did.

The special will be aired on Christmas day and will whet the appetite of fans for the fourth series which will be taking place in 2016, featuring three episodes.

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