Disney’s Netflix Competitor to go Live Next Month in UK

Disney’s competitor to Netflix, DisneyLife, will go live next month. A monthly subscription package with access to Disney films, TV, books and music.

How many times do you scroll through Netflix during school holidays looking for something to amuse the kids whilst you try and get some work done (whilst actually watching it yourself)? And how many times do you end up watching the same Disney films over and over again as there is nothing else on there? Well now you don’t have to, as Disney have announced their own Netflix-style subscription service.

Reports state that the new service, aptly named DisneyLife (Disney will indeed become your life with this televisual amenity,) will give subscribers access Disney channel shows, Pixar films such as Toy Story and Up as well as Disney classics like Jungle Book and Robin Hood. As well as this there will also be access to Disney books so you can browse them on your iPad and utilise read-a-long bedtime stories. There will also be albums so you can listen to your favourite tracks whilst you are out and about via your smartphone. The app will enable up to six family members access to the service as well as enabling users to download films to watch whilst they are offline. In a similar way to the BBC iPlayer the items will remain on the device for a set period of time before being deleted. Don’t despair though parents, there will be built-in control so you can set time limits on children’s profiles for weekday and weekend use.

DisneyLife will go live in the UK in a months’ time with subscriptions costing £9.99GBP per month which equals a lot of magic for your money, giving you the opportunity to Let It Go or do the Bare Necessities to your hearts content. The project will be launched in Europe in 2016 with the option to read in up to 5 different European languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Inexplicably as yet there are no dates for the US. If the popularity of Netflix and similar services such as Amazon Prime are anything to go by this stands to be a huge success for Disney. Though ‘DisneyLife and Chill?’ Doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

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