Philadelphia Rapper Nave Makes a Powerful Statement on Bill Cosby in ‘Cosby Kids’ Feat. Alyea Pierce

One rapper explores how the Cosby sex scandal has tainted his memories of the classic television show.

While fans of Bill Cosby are just learning about his harrowing past on drugging and raping women, there’s inexplicably still a tinge of nostalgia for The Cosby Show that watchers can’t shake. The ’80s sitcom had everyone in their feels — including up-and-coming rapper, Nave, who rhymes about the juxtaposition in “Cosby Kids” featuring Alyea Pierce.

The video shows a young black kid laughing at the show’s shenanigans with his family surrounding him on a couch. It’s also interlaced with Nave rhyming in a cul-de-sac about other nostalgic feels.

“Back in the day playing hide-and-go, get it.” spits the Philadelphia native in a white t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses. “Used to bike a lot / Roam the streets ’til we dirty socks / Skateboard and autobots / Rolling pot ’til we saw the cops,” he continues later on.

But as the video cuts back to the same couch the young kid was giggling on — it switches to a dreary vibe as viewers see Nave surrounded by several women who are passed out on the floor and on the same couch. “We was the Cosby kids,” he rhymes.

Alyea Pierce drops a spoken word piece in the middle of the song where she breaks down her love and passion for someone. “How many licks will it take you to get to the center of my soul?” said Pierce over a melodic beat. “It’s about the one who would be the stoop to your heart — because stoop kid will never leave his stoop,” she continued while referencing the character from the ’90s show Hey Arnold. “And I will never leave you.” Snap. snap. snap.

And then it was back to the rhymer — who overall seems to be trying to bridge the crimes by Bill Cosby and the love for his persona and the message from the iconic show.

“Holistically, the video represents the simplicity of childhood and how things change when we get older but the girls also represent how Nave’s memories of Cosby are tainted,” said a comment by Nave’s PR camp under the song’s music video. “And ultimately that’s the risk of romanticizing the past, knowing that things may not have been quite what they seemed.”

Check out the video above.

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