Frank Peters
Frank Peters rhymes in 'Life of the Party' music video. (Image: YouTube)

Review: Frank Peters’ ’50 Shades of Frank’

Frank Peters was named MTV’s Artist to Watch in 2013 — but the former music channel might have got it wrong.

The up-and-comer, who has opened for the likes of Juicy J, Lil Kim and Afroman, describes his sound as “party music infused with real life.”

And while it’s a great concept, his EP, Fifty Shades of Frank, is a testament that the young rhymer still has a ways to go. The 21-track effort is filled with some head-nodding and tight beats, but the lyrical content isn’t always up to par.

In “Mr. Frank” for example, the South Carolina rhymer says: “I smoke many blunts but only ones that I roll.”

It’s not all bad, though. Lines like “A million f—— rappers and only few with tight flows” is pretty nice.

And as the rhymer mentioned in the intro track, “A Shade of Britain,” he has “fifty styles, fifty ways, fifty different shades.” And that part is true. Peters is able to switch up his flow and match the different kinds of beats. But the self-described “lyrical monster” definitely still needs some work.

But if the rapper is as dedicated to the music as it’s described in “American Interlude” — “he lived it, he breathed it, he had absolute passion for it. It consumed him” — it’s a guarantee that he’ll continue to grow as an artist.  “There’s no quitting, if I was gonna do that I would have done that a long time ago,” he said in a press statement.

Along with his hip-hop career, Peters’ motivates others through workout routines and physical fitness awareness. He’s also slated to appear in the film Cru.

Check out his music below.

Stream Frank Peters’ Fifty Shades of Frank

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