Prayers Wanted For Country Duo Joey + Rory

Joey and Rory Feek, two country singers ask fans for prayers and a miracle after some heartbreaking news.

Joey and Rory Feek ask fans for prayers and a miracle after some heartbreaking news.

Joey Feek had been fighting cervical cancer and underwent treatment, but she still continued to perform with her husband Rory Feek as the country duo that they are.

In 2014, she had surgery about 4 months after her daughter was born, who has down syndrome. They were happy to know that the treatments were working and they could continue on with their family and careers. But their hope was smashed when they learned Joey’s cancer had returned. The couple was devastated, and hoped more treatment would work, but sadly it wouldn’t.

A CT scan showed more tumors in her abdomen and Joey made a tough decision. She decided to quit treatments and cancel other concerts, then headed home with her husband.

The couple has asked everyone from family to fans, for prayers and a miracle. In the meantime, Joey and Rory are going to make the best of it, and enjoy what they have with their family. They quoted that “We came home not to die, but to live,” meaning that while the couple is upset and disappointed, they still have a chance to appreciate what they have now and to continue growing with their daughter while letting God and fate handle the rest.

If you’re a fan of these two wonderful country singers, please send them love and prayers. They would really appreciate it and love it. I’m sending my love and prayers to them as well and hope everything ends well for them.

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