‘Whovians’ Sing Praise as David Tennant Returns

David Tennant, everyone’s favorite Doctor is coming back. But not to television. No, we’re going old school!

Prepare yourselves Whovians! David Tennant aka the Tenth Doctor is coming back with his companion.

Alright now, breathe. I know this is exciting and all but let’s not get too worked up. David Tennant returns with Catherine Tate in an audio drama series. There will be three audio dramas to the series and will be released in May of 2016. When we last saw Tennant it was for the 50th-anniversary episode, and Catherine made her final appearance in 2008.

Producer David Richardson says we can expect adventure, fun, scares, and some tears? Uh oh! Just what do you have up that sleeve of yours Mr. Richardson? I guess we have to wait until May. But this is exciting and different! An audio drama! To those who don’t know what an audio drama is, it’s basically a radio show, which makes this really interesting!

But that’s not all. John Hurt as The War Doctor is coming for a series of twelve audio dramas! The first is scheduled to be released this December, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for an actual date.

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