Your New iPhone 6s Deserves Protection

There’s nothing worse than buying a brand new phone, just to have it break on you because you didn’t buy a case.

You think you spent a lot of money on your new iPhone 6s? Imagine the price tag after keys have gouged the back or your clumsy fingers dropped it to the floor. Knowing how much you spent on your phone only to significantly damage it is a bitter pill to swallow. That’s why, like any other investment, you should protect your 6s. Slap on a skin and feel better knowing there’s something between your phone and the elements.

And your phone certainly sees the elements! After all, it goes wherever you go – to the office, gym, pool, or park in whatever weather, rain or shine. Everywhere you visit, you phone is vulnerable to a whole host of things that could damage it. With an iPhone 6s skin, you’re ensuring your phone isn’t left to the wolves. As an incredibly thin piece of vinyl, you might not think it capable of much, but the 3M vinyl can stop scratches, gouges, dings, and nicks from ruining the sleek look of your iPhone. Since it’s made out of vinyl, water beads against its surface so a spill – whether it’s a few rain drops or a spilled coffee – can be conveniently wiped away.

An iPhone 6s skin fits way better than its competitors, like phone cases, and you can thank its vinyl material for that. A case sits around your phone, like a suitcase, and it needs to come apart every time you put it on or take it off. It ends up being a few millimetres too big. A skin, on the other hand, applies directly to the phone itself. Like the name suggests, it acts like a second skin for the iPhone, so it matches the 6s’ dimensions perfectly. Fit to measure, the iPhone 6s skin won’t leave even a millimetre unprotected.

Worried that protection comes with a fashion death sentence? It’s a valid concern, as raw vinyl isn’t a good look for any phone, let alone the stylish 6s. Luckily, with only a few clicks, you can find skins with the protection you need in colours and textures you want. Go online and check these out. You can see how skins can come in a variety of bright colours and interesting textures, like carbon fiber, faux wood, leather, and metallic. Not only will your phone be safe from the elements, it’ll look good while doing it too.

Save your iPhone 6s the fate of broken screens, scratched backings, and grimy buttons. Get a stylish 3M vinyl skin and never worry about damaging your expensive 6s again. That way, you won’t be spending any more money on your already pricey smartphone.

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