Everyone’s Going Crazy Over the Epic Zola Story — And For Good Reason [FULL STORY HERE]

#ZolaStory is going viral as the tweeter took readers to a world of prostitution, pimping, love, betrayal and even murder, in what she says is a true story.

Tweeter @_zolarmoon took the internet by storm on Wednesday (Oct. 28) after posting a series of tweets that follow her crazy movie-like trip to Florida with a girl she just met. The true story, as told by Zola, or Aziah King, follows her journey to the Down South to earn some serious cash from stripping. But after a slow night at the strip club, the drama unfolds into a harrowing tale as she falls down the rabbit hole into a world of prostitution, pimping, love, betrayal and even murder. It’s basically Shakespeare, Spring Breakers and a Sister Souljah or Zane novel all in one timeline.

Each of her tweets have gained hundreds of retweets as her followers climbed over 45 thousand. She also tweeted that there’s more details that she left out in the story and that she has even crazier ones than the one she told to boot. And now, naturally, readers are requesting a weekly story time with the young Black woman.

As Zola says of the story, it’s “kind of long but full of suspense” — but, it’s definitely worth it.

Read the entire story below or on Storify to figure out why all your friends are saying “he’s lost in the sauce and she’s lost in the game.” Then get into the hilarious memes on Zola Story, also below.

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