Pop Star Taylor Swift Accused of Stealing Lyrics For Her Megahit ‘Shake it Off’

Pop singer Taylor Swift is being sued for $42 million over "stolen" lyrics.

Pop starlet Taylor Swift is being sued for stealing lyrics from R&B singer Jesse Braham, aka Jesse Graham.

Copyright lawsuits are getting dumber and dumber as the years go on. From kids not able to have Disney characters on their gravestones or nursery walls, to this.

So right to the topic at hand. Taylor Swift is being sued for a whopping $42 million by U.S. R&B singer Jesse Braham. Braham alleges that Swift stole the words to his 2013 song “Haters Gone Hate” and used them in her 2014 hit “Shake It Off.” As reported by the BBC, Braham wants both compensation and his name added to the credits of the track. Graham says that the hook for both songs is the same.

Braham, who is better known by his stage name Jesse Graham, claims ownership of two phrases which appear in Taylor Swift’s song’s chorus. Specifically, “haters gone hate” and “playas gone play.”

Despite the lyrics, upon listening to both songs, they’re no musical similarities. So this makes the accusations really stupid. If the songs were musically the same along with the lyrics, then Ms. Swift would be in trouble, but since they’re not she’s off the hook.

In order for you to have a song that’s the same as another you need the permission of the artist. For example, Weird Al needs permission from artists before making a parody of the song he wants to do.

Taylor Swift’s song may have a few minor similarities to Jesse Graham’s song but they are not the same music wise.

Mr. Graham should really do his research before jumping the gun because it’s not uncommon for lyrics in songs to be the same. If they’re worded differently no one’s going to notice and it’s not that big of a deal. But some people just want that extra fifteen minutes of fame.

So Taylor Swift fans fear not. She’s not really in trouble. This is just another celebrity temper tantrum. Plus both songs came out a year or two ago. Why the sudden accusation?

Wouldn’t he have discovered it a while back and then complained about it? Just goes to show you that Copyright lawsuits are getting more stupid.

So future song writers and singers be careful and triple check your work. You wouldn’t want this on your hands.

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