Upset with Lamar-Khloé’s Coverage — Kim Kardashian Hungry for Attention?

Kim Kardashian was reportedly upset because public attention on herself and her pregnancy was dwindling.
kim kardashian

The news about Khloé Kardashian who was reconciled with her husband, Lamar Odom, reportedly made Kim Kardashian upset. Kim felt the publicity about herself and her pregnancy, as it used to be, was reduced.

Khloé reportedly revoked her divorce suit to Odom after the former NBA basketball player was awake of a coma after several days. Khloé also showed the affection to her husband by accompanying Odom during the healing process.

The media coverage, which reported Khloé and Odom, made Kim feel awkward and unhappy. Kim also felt the Lamar-Khloé had stolen her publicity.

However, the news was denied by the spokesman for the Kardashian family. According to him, the circulating news was unwarranted and untrue.

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