Atlanta Rapper Apollo Channels Kid Cudi in ‘the otherside: an art exhibit’

As Kid Cudi tries out new sounds in his new music, fans of old Cudi should fall into the fandom for Atlanta rapper Apollo’s introspective lyrics and mellow beats in ‘the otherside: an art exhibit.’

Hailing from Atlanta, rapper Apollo is on it. Over offbeat drums kits, Apollo flows about being love, life and being young in the otherside: an art exhibit.

As Kid Cudi tries out new sounds in his new music, fans of old Cudi should fall into the fandom for Apollo’s introspective lyrics and mellow beats as well. The influence becomes apparent in the album’s third track, “free speech” which could easily fall on Man on the Moon. In the song he rhymes about suffering from insomnia and being a revolutionary figure. “Can a n—- speak, preach?” he delivers in the hook.

“i.” proves to be another favorite as well. Far from Kendrick’s version, this song is slower as he rhymes about staying focused through the b.s.

“I got bills to pay. I got mouths to feed. I got goals to reach but I cannot see where I’m going,” he rhymes in a slow drawl in the all too real song.

Other songs like “circles,” he rhymes about being the creative high-school kid who’s not being challenged — and has his mind on other things as well.””Now I’m just another kid out here stuck in school. With no passion, no way to wake up but somehow wrote a new tune,” flows Apollo.

The rhymer is not entirely a newcomer on the scene though. He’s already performed at A3C as an opener for Hoodie Allen. And we’re certainly looking forward to what else he has in store.

Check out Apollo’s the otherside: an art exhibit below.

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