Quentin Tarantino Won’t Back Down to Police Unions’ Bullying

Quentin Tarantino is being bullied by Police Unions over his participation in an anti-police brutality rally that was held in New York City.

Award winning film director, Quentin Tarantino, should be promoting his new movie, The Hateful Eight, set to be released on Christmas Day. Rather than promoting his new film, he has been dodging bullets from police unions.

The nation has had a front row seat this past week to watch the police unions bully Tarantino through the media while calling for a boycott of all his films. As in any other bullying situation, the bully wants its victim to give up something. In this case, the police unions want Tarantino to apologize for participating in the #RiseUpOctober protests held a couple weeks ago in New York City.

Tarantino refused to apologize after he was criticized for promoting violence through his movies and calling police murderers. Then, police unions promised they had a “surprise” up their sleeve for Quentin Tarantino and that it would effect him where it matters most. A vague threat none the less but, still a threat from law enforcement, through the same media that so often promotes anti-bullying.

The #RiseUpOctober event that ruffled law enforcement feathers was a well-organized protest that lasted a few days and brought attention to police killings nationwide. Families and activists traveled from all over the country to New York City, to tell their stories and raise awareness of police brutality. The event also intended to bring awareness to mass incarceration and a corrupt criminal justice system.

Tarantino spoke at a rally at the event and brought attention to the police killing of a child who was playing with a toy gun at a park, he noted that police shot and killed the child within two seconds of arriving at the park. The part of the story that is heartbreaking, is when Tarantino told how police would not allow the dying child’s mother to hold him as he died. At this point Tarantino said he must call a murder a murder and that is when the war of words began.

Tarantino showed great compassion for the victims’ families at the gathering, he posed for pictures with them, marched alongside them holding their signs and showing sympathy for them. Where is the sympathy from the police unions? Are they sorry for the bad things that happen on their watch?

Leaders of the police unions were telling media outlets he called police murderers, which is clearly not true. If you watch the speech you can make your own determination. Tarantino responded to the accusations by telling Bill Maher, “They are implying that I meant all cops are murderers, and I wasn’t”.

The irony is that the timing of the #RiseUpOctober events was within days of a New York City Police Officer, Randolph Holder being killed in the line of duty. Officer Holder had opened fire on a suspected robber who then returned fire, killing Holder. New York Police Department called the incident murder but, got their feelings hurt when Tarantino made the same observation about some of their own?

Tarantino also told Bill Maher the “Blue Wall” of protection among law enforcement officers, (where they protect their own first without regards to telling the truth), needs to come down. The war of words is likely to continue as we all await the “Surprise” coming Tarantino’s way. Considering the horrific stories of police terror told at the #RiseUpOctober #SayTheirNames rally, it’s hard to believe those sworn to serve and protect can surprise us anymore.

All the way around, Tarantino wins, he is bringing more awareness to police brutality and killings, and getting free publicity for his new movie The Hateful Eight.

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