Maverick Drops an Ode to the Haters in ‘Randy Jackson’ for his EP ‘Prosperous Psyche Vol 2’

“We ain’t cool, you ain’t my dawg. I ain’t Randy Jackson”

Maverick has been at the rap game since the age of 15 creating what he calls an “underground vibe with a mainstream sound.”

His latest mixtape, Prosperous Psyche Vol 2, starts out with a trap song worthy of a shoulder bounce as he talks about his haters and people who are all talk but “no action.” “We ain’t cool, you ain’t my dawg. I ain’t Randy Jackson,” he hilariously says in the song, “Randy Jackson.”

The 4-track EP slows it down in “Girls in the City” as the rhymer talks about smoking kush with pretty girls and finishes it off with “Come Chill.”

The Atlanta native has a strong presence on his songs but the lyrics aren’t always great. Nonetheless, he’s created a solid tape that works for a melodic vibe.

And he must be doing something right since it garnered over 5,000 plays on SoundCloud. Not to mention, the young rhymer is set to take the stage at South By Southwest in March 2016 as well.

Listen to Maverick’s Prosperous Psyche Vol 2 below.

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