Shuffling The Deck: The Race Card Never Existed

Due to the OJ Simpson trial, some White Americans have been very comfortable confronting all racism accusations with "race card" dismissals. Here's why that's nonsense and needs to stop.

In the wake of Mizzou’s president resigning amid calls for his resignation, the familiar backlash over Black people demanding equality has begun. Some accusations are minimized with implications that only feelings are being hurt. Others have their validity and is wondered out loud, implying at least an embellishing of what occurred to garner sympathy. The rest are considering hoaxes outright without proof, unmistakably resembling a guilty until proven innocent paradigm.

No matter the tactic, the goal is always the same; return to a state of indifference as soon as possible. Likewise, the tactic is always just some shade of invoking race card playing accusations, which invokes feelings about the OJ Simpson trial, making a very effective way of shutting down the conversation. This has always been and remains to be an act of cowardice, being nothing short of an impotent excuse for White America’s extreme apathy over the ills of its fellow Black citizens.

Just take the so-called “poop swastika” incident. All over the internet, one can find many articles questioning whether the event ever happened, ironically demanding the same visual proof that still doesn’t seem to help other cases get the acknowledgement they should.

What is the point of having proof (which, by the way, has now been released by the university) when the goal isn’t the truth? Now accusations about a Black student being the culprit for “social justice” attention has been thrown out, so the game continues without the actual event ever being addressed.

Forget about White privilege. More than enough White Americans know that it exists. Forget about racism. The mind of a racist cannot be appealed to with simple truths. What Black Americans really need from the rest of the country is to acknowledge their own forced short attention span that makes unrealistic demands, shuffles from one race card accusation to another without cause and doesn’t bother to ever consider the truth being worthy of action. Just own the indifference without pretending that these racial attacks do not exist, which impedes any chance of progress.

Oh, and about the OJ Simpson trial: Remember when the main reason for the race card accusation was due to the disbelief that a cop would ever lie and plant evidence or a racist cop would ever let their personal feelings get in the way of doing their job?

In the wake of countless videos dispelling this naivety, it’s time to reevaluate whether or not the race card ever existed at all.

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