Hair Extensions: A Woman’s Best Friend

Hair extensions are definitely a woman’s best friend. Let me break it down for you as to why.
ombre hair extensions

Hair extensions are honestly one of the best beauty ideas/products that have ever come out. One you can pay an expensive amount for the best quality hair or spend a small/average amount for decent hair but still look amazing.

Also, there are so many methods to wearing extensions. You have the fusion which is using hot glue, micro loops which is looping your hair through, the sew in braiding method, glue-ins on to your scalp, clip-ins clipping it on your hair and etc.

Even wigs are more up to date.  You have regular basic wigs and then you have full lace wigs which are beneficial so you can style it anyway.  Many people believe it’s mostly ethnic women who wear extensions, but that is not the case almost every woman does but for different reasons.

Some women wear them for length, fullness or even both. Women who are known to have cancer wear wigs sometimes. Women who have a hard time managing their own hair, prefer to wear wigs or extensions because it’s easier. Other wear it to keep the growth of there hair growing!

For instance, some women wear it to protect their hair or instead of coloring their own hair. Some women purchase wigs in multiple colors so they do not have to dye their own hair.

Also, wigs and hair extensions come in different patterns such as straight, wavy, curly and kinky curly. You even have hair extensions and wigs that you can have a closure piece (which gives it a natural look or part). You can part it anyway, whatever best fits you. You can even buy wigs and hair extensions online and get them custom made.

For example, you want an ombre look, when you order the hair you can contact the vendor or company and tell them in detail the look you’re going for. It may cost you a little more, but it is worth it if you do not know how to do it yourself as you see in the picture below with the teal extensions.

ombre hair extensions
The beauty of hair extensions.

Some of the best sites to get hair is from,, and so many more and if you are not sure where to purchase hair from you can always look up reviews if you are questioning anything! (As you see in the video above this post.)

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