5 Ways To Combat The Holiday Blues

Beat Holiday Blues

The official start of the holiday season  is  fast approaching as people start to count down the days to Thanksgiving. Many have  already mapped out their  shopping  plans for Black Friday and you can’t walk into a store without being bombarded with Christmas decorations and sales. While the Christmas season may evoke  feelings on joy in many there is another  group of people who dread this time of year.

While for many the holiday season is a happy, fun-filled time of year complete with family, gifts, food and social gatherings for others it is the complete opposite. Many  people suffer from severe stress, anxiety, and depression  during the 5 week period from Thanksgiving to New Years, known at the holiday season. The  symptoms are  so  common and widespread they’ve  been dubbed the holiday blues. Dr. Adam K. Anderson, Professor of psychology at the University of Toronto says, ” Part of the problem is the bombardment of media during the holidays showing images of smiling families and  friends. People  may start to question the quality of their own relationships.” The popularity of social media  makes it even harder.


People who isolate or already feel disconnected may try to  avoid people and celebrations during the holiday season. Sadly withdrawing only  intensifies the  symptoms of  holidays  blues such as depression, anxiety and fatigue. The good thing to remember is that even the most depressed or isolated person never has to really be alone during the holiday season. There are so many ways to  get into the holiday spirit even if you have no friends or close family to share the holidays with. Get up get out and get involved. The holiday season is full of community events full of people just like you.

Here are 5 ways  to  beat the Holiday Blues

1.)  Be realistic about your situation and  how you choose to spend the holidays. You may not be able to    create your idea of  the  perfect holiday celebration, but you are in control of how you spend them.

2.)  Take a break from social media. Do something you love. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in  comparing your life to others. Remember a  photo only shows one second of a long day.

3.)  Volunteer. There are always people who need your help. Especially  during the  holiday season. Visit a  shelter, a church or hospital and make someone else day. It’s hard to be down when  giving back.

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4.)  Pamper yourself. While everyone else is caught up in the holiday  hustle and bustle take some “you” time. Treat yourself, get a new hairdo, hit the  spa or plan a special day out.

5.)  Don’t shut out the  people who do care. It’s  so easy to get caught up in  thinking about who isn’t’ there and the things we don’t have. Sometimes we  may not notice or even shut out those who are right there trying to be a friend to us. Take that invite to coffee or accept that invite to dinner. You may have a great time. Don’t limit yourself.

Most importantly, remember that  happiness is a state of mind, not a place or  object you can obtain. The beautiful thing about that is that means happiness is something we can create anytime, anyplace.