Brussels raises its alert level to ‘Serious and Imminent Threat’

Belgium’s capital is under the country’s highest terror alert level Saturday.

Paris (CNN) reports, this command has come about due to current information they have attained about a suspect by the name of Salah Abdeslam. Abdeslam, 26 the man who detonated the bomb on the female suicide bomber at the police raid in France earlier this week. She was previously believed to have detonated the bomb herself. Abdeslam is also the brother of Abdelhamid Abaauud, 27. Who was the ringleader of the Paris attacks and the authorities found his remains among the rubble following a police raid on an apartment in Saint Denis, Paris, according to the Military Times. The international manhunt for Abdeslam remains underway.

Authorities are telling people to avoid large gatherings as they are quite concerned with public safety. The metro has been closed down until tomorrow as a result of this. The serious and imminent threat has specific security measures. Paris death toll rose to 130 on Friday.

Friday also marked one week since the terror attacks on the French capital. It appears as though the authorities believe Salah Abdeslam is linked to the terror attacks on last Friday in Paris. Brussels is the administrative capital of Europe. Europe’s Prime Minister urged everyone to desist from spreading false information and only listen to the authorities. Authorities have come to realize that Brussels District is connected to multiple terrorists. Europe’s primary focus is on security as it continues to heal.

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