Rita Ora Secretly Wants to Have Sex with Madonna

Rita Ora made another shocking confession after opening up about her phobia of death.
Rita Ora

A surprising revelation again came out from the lips of beautiful singer Rita Ora. Ora had previously claimed to have a phobia of death. This time, Ora precisely expressed her desire to have sex with Madonna.

Ora revealed her desire in an interview with Alan Carr some time ago. Of course, the fans of Calvin Harris’ former lover were immediately excited.

“You know what, if [me and Madonna having sex] could happen I think I might so when I die I can say I had sex with Madonna. That would be amazing,” Ora said.

The “I Will Never Let You Down” singer also entered the desire into the list of her lifelong dreams. Both singers were known to have intimate friendship during this time. Ora had also performed with Madonna on a concert tour in Berlin recently.

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