Animal Cruelty Investigation Underway From A Picture Posted on Facebook

Katie Brown is in trouble not only with friends and family, but with the law as well for a picture she posted of her dog.

A picture on Facebook posted on November 27th, 2015 by Katie Brown spurs an animal cruelty investigation against her, and she may lose her dog.

This picture is of Katie’s dog with its muzzle sealed shut with duct tape. “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!” is what the caption of the picture says, and Katie claims that the dog was barking too much so she shut it up with a muzzle. Some of her friends have reported it and called the police, after they unfriended her, some of her family did so as well. Facebook hasn’t taken the picture down saying there’s nothing wrong it, although there’s everything wrong with it.

The South Daytona Police Department is investigating the women after getting numerous phone calls and emails about Katie and the picture. The police are grateful but are kindly asking people to stop calling and emailing as they are taking the case seriously, and will update us with more information as it comes in. They’ve been getting so many calls around the country and even overseas as the picture went viral and people are still sharing it.

People are hoping that the dog gets taken away from Katie and placed in a more loving home. They may get their wish as some suspect that she will lose the dog.

If your dog barks too much for your liking, there a better methods than duct tape to get it to stop. All dogs bark. It’s what they do. A person doesn’t go around duct taping your mouth shut if you talk too much. Again, if your dog barks too much for liking, look up safer and better methods! Taping its mouth shut is stupid and cruel.

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