Popular Card Game Earns over $70K Selling Nothing

The popular card game that generated over $70,000 selling nothing.

The popular card game, Cards Against Humanity has officially done what most companies wish they could do. They made over $70,000 this past Black Friday, and they literally did not sell a thing.

The company decided to take their whole store offline on Black Friday and added a simple payment form so people could buy nothing for $5. They reported that over 11,000 people went for it, and paid them $5, while over 1000 people reportedly paid them more than $5, and one person paid them $100! These customers received nothing in return for their payments.


Screenshot of their website from Black Friday

People all over social media speculated that they would donate the money to one of the companies favorite charities, but up until now it was unknown where the money was going to go.

The company made the hard decision to keep the money for themselves. They were kind enough, though to at least let everybody know exactly how each of them spent their share of the earnings. Check out their website to read about how the money was spent.

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