Rare Breast Cancer Found In 8 Year Old Girl

8 year old Chrissy Turner has been diagnosed with Secretory Breast Carcinoma, a type of cancer that accounts for fewer than 1% of all breast cancers. She is the youngest in the United States to face this diagnosis.
Chrissy Turner - via facebook

It’s hard  when  a spouse battles cancer, it’s harder when a married couple battles cancer together. It’s devastating when the 8 year old child of two cancer survivors is diagnosed with  cancer. That’s what Annette and Troy Turner found out when their 8 year  daughter Chrissy  was  diagnosed with a rare  case of breast cancer a few weeks ago. Chrissy went to her mother  when  she  found a lump in her  chest.

Her mother took her to the doctor the next  day and  was shocked when  Chrissy was diagnosed with Secretory Breast Carcinoma, a type of cancer that  accounts for fewer than 1% of all breast cancers and fewer than 0.1% of all tumors in youth of her age. Chrissy is the  youngest documented  diagnosed case in the United States.

Chrissy will  undergo a mastectomy at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Her case is being reviewed by the the nation’s top oncologist and the Utah State Tumor Board.

Cancer is no  stranger to the Turner family. Chrissy’s mom, Annette Turner, is a cervical cancer  survivor. Her  dad, Troy  Turner is  battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

When  asked about how  Chrissy is holding up Annette said,

“She is a bright, witty, young lady and I think she gets it,” adding that Chrissy has been coping by keeping busy and playing, but she will sometimes cry in her quieter moments about her rare breast cancer diagnosis.”

A family friend  has set up a  Go Fund Me page for the young  child who will have a mountain of medical bills as she battles this disease. The goal of the page is to raise $100,000 and they just may succeed. In 12 days they have  raised over $65,900. The  funds from the  site  are designated to help with the cost of  blood work, surgery and screenings she will have to undergo  over the next few years.

The family  has set up a facebook page  for Chrissy https://www.facebook.com/ChrissysAlliance/

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