Charlie Sheen’s ‘Angel’ Brett Rossi Releases Devilish Account

Pornstar Brett Rossi is suing Charlie Sheen after he allegedly hid his HIV-positive status from her.

The Charlie Sheen train wreck continues to fly off the tracks with increasing velocity as the latest allegations against the star come from one of his former ‘angels’, Brett Rossi.

Rossi, who was engaged to Sheen for about a year, has sued the actor, claiming she was forced to have an abortion after he claimed she’d give birth to a “retarded child” considering his HIV status.

Can we say “misinformed, party of one?”

Rossi claims she was pregnant in March of 2014 and once she approached Sheen with the baby news, he angrily demanded that she have an abortion. Rossi conceded and had an abortion. But the plot thickens, because…

When Sheen first broke the news of his HIV status, he admitted that a woman found his stash of HIV medicine, and he was forced to come out to prevent further blackmail. Now the word on the streets is that Rossi was, in fact, the one blackmailing the star and with this recent lawsuit now on the table, more truths, half-truths, and outright lies are sure to surface.

Stay tuned…

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