5 Can’t Miss Adult Cartoons

I remember growing up when cartoons were full of innuendo. They've evolved and now are full of sex, vulgarity and at times offensively funny jokes.

I remember growing up when cartoons were full of innuendo to keep adults entertained even while the kiddies watched. Adult situations were more so implied, like intimacy in the old school television shows. Like what used to be private or intimate would cut away at moments of onscreen passion, cartoons have evolved as well. With that evolution came some cartoons full of sex, vulgarity and even a little crass thrown in and they’re gut-busting and at times offensively funny.

South Park was the pioneer, the first adult cartoon to kick off a phenomenon of crass adult cartoons on TV. They tried to censor it, they boycotted, angry because children were watching. However, it came on cable and it came on after 10 p.m. It was definitely not meant for children. Then Family Guy hit network television in prime time. It changed everything. Family Guy was bolder, sex-fueled and crasser than anything The Simpsons, a long-running family-friendly prime time cartoon could come up with.

TV Executives realized they had hit a new niche market and suddenly Cartoon Network, which was the 24-hour home to cartoons started Adult Swim. Adult Swim is a series of cartoons that would come on after 11 p.m. when the kids were sleep.

Over the years, the cartoons have rotated but you could find the likes of South Park, Family Guy, Moral Orel, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Drawn Together and similar. All the cartoons shown during this 3-4 hour block of programming are too mature for the little ones and geared towards making the child at heart smile.

I love Family Guy, then when American Dad followed I was in love. I’ve always been a cartoon fanatic but, of course, I don’t want to watch The Rugrats or Scooby Doo anymore. In my teens, I was in love with the MTV cartoon series Daria. Okay, I confess I’m still in love with it and have the whole box set. I like shopping at the local stores though I found that I was limited to enjoying only what was offered in my area. Once I started watching TV on the internet, I found the variety opened up a whole new world of comedy.

American cartoons are funny. I’ve found European cartoons to be extremely cynical and crass and Canadian cartoons full of sex, swearing, and fun. Some of my favorite adult cartoons can be found on Hulu. If you haven’t checked them out yet I suggest you invite your friends for snacks and a laugh fest. Check out my top 5 below.

Kevin Spencer

Kevin is a drug addicted delinquent teen son on of two alcoholic trailer trash parents. His mother is the neighborhood slut, his dad the neighborhood joke. Kevin and his dad both are constantly in and out of jail for theft and other minor offenses. Kevin has an imaginary friend, Allen the magic goose, who convinces him to commit mischief and mayhem.

Fugget About It

Fugget About It chronicles the life of the Falcone family, a new York mafia boss and his family. After snitching on his old gang Jimmy and his family are put into witness protection, given a new name and sent to Canada. Old habits die hard and this family is truly like fish out of the water. They bring their old New York tricks with them and chaos ensues.


Brickleberry is set in a national park and features a crazy cast of characters. Malloy, the talking bear, Denzel, the token black, Ethel the overzealous do-gooder, Connie, the lesbian and Woody, bumbling idiot in control. The show is full of sex, offensive jokes and even some bestiality.

The Dating Guy

The Dating Guy is about 4 friends; VJ, Sam, Mark, and Woody who spend the majority of their day trying to get. When not trying to get laid they’re trying to get out of trouble that their last conquest caused. From being shrunken to doll size to waking up with a naked leprechaun in their house the antics on this show are crazy.

Odd Job Jack

Odd Job Jack – Jack is a loveable but idiotic guy. He works for a temp agency and every episode he is sent to try another job. Jack means well, but everything he touches causes something to go wrong. He has two best friends, one agoraphobic, better his career guide and his family round out the cast. Hilarity ensues in every episode with many being highly offensive and sexual

The cartoons I listed above are not for the little ones. They’re rude, funny, sexual and in the case of Kevin Spencer, drug- laden. If you enjoy the Family Guy, South Park, and American Dad then you will love these adult themed animations.

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