‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Refuses to Release The Margo

Although not on the show anymore, Margo is still contractually tied down and can’t capitalize on her fame until the show is over.

Take note future Love & Hip Hop stars!

Once you get the axe from the VH1 show, you may not be able to move on and come up after your stint. The latest star of the show that is finding this out is none other than Nikko London’s soon to be ex, Margo Simms.

Margo, who many remember as the sexually fluid wife of Nikko, claims that she was 86’ed from the show, yet producers refuse to set her free to capitalize on her stint there. While on the show, Margo caused more than a bit of commotion, leaving Nikko to start a relationship with the girlfriend. Margo also claims that season 5 was supposed to follow the new couple and their relationship, but they were booted before production began without an explanation and now she is crying foul. Without a release from the show’s producers, neither Margo or her girlfriend can move on to any other show, so they are in limbo at the moment.

Will Margo be freed to famewhore for another show before people forget who she even is?

Stay tuned.

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