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Murray Christmas

Who remembers ”Scrooged”? Bill Murray’s modern take on the classic dickens tale through a more mature, satirical spin on the age old Christmas tale and became a firm favourite with many 90’s kids. It added some grown up humour to the usual festive schmaltz that comes with the majority of Christmas efforts.

This year, Murray is back in an exclusive Netflix one off Christmas feature ”A Very Murray Christmas”. He is joined by a host of stars as audiences see Murray due to perform a one of Christmas show on stage in New York City, However when a huge snow storm hits the city is put on lock down with no one coming in or out. This means no star guests for Murrays show.  When absolutely no one shows up, bar an unwilling Chris Rock, Murray ends up doing a show in the hotel with hotel staff, an old lush and a couple who were supposed to be getting married.

A host of stars join Murray in his yuletide extravaganza including Amy Poehler, Paul Shaffer, Michael Cera, George CLooney, Miley Cyrus, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman and Julie White. Classic songs are performed and Murrays deadpan humour is evident throughout. A fresh new piece of Christmas viewing that will bring Christmas cheer to viewers in Murray’s own style.

Showing some overlap with ”Scrooged”, ”A Very Murray Christmas” includes Buster Poindexter, Paul Shaffer and David Johansen who all starred in ”Scrooged” alongside Murray. The film is directed by Sofia Coppola who also directed Murray in the feature film ”Lost in Translation” which earned Murray an Oscar nomination.

Whilst ”A Very Murray Christmas” may not go down in holly jolly history as annually recurring Christmas viewing it does offer audiences some fresh festive cheer and a number of familiar faces and carols. It is genuinely entertaining and enjoyable, and a must for any Murray fan.

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A fresh, fun festive watch.

Stu Greenfield

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