‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – Getting to Know the New Characters

You have met Rey, Finn, and Poe, but what about some of the other less than noble characters on the build up to "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens reviews have had all of their embargos lifted. At the moment, it seems that most critics give this installment a passing grade. Soon, all the world will have an opportunity to get to know and love (and probably hate) the new characters as much as they do Han, Luke, and Leia. No doubt, fans have seen more than enough information on Rey, Finn, and Poe, but what about some of the side characters?

Lupita Nyong’o plays the bar owner and most likely some sort of scoundrel Maz Kanata. There is no doubt her character is one of the most anticipated. Afterall, Nyong’o is an Academy Award-winning actress who elected to play a motion captured character. Something had to have drawn her to this role. Enter The Tales of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, short stories that were released the first week of December.

In May, Vanity Fair gave everyone an exclusive first look at what to expect from the aliens of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The four short stories from The Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away gives us an idea of some of the characters as well as what to expect from the desert planet of Jakku. Without giving too much away, here is a rundown of what fans can expect from this band of misfits.

The Face of Evil takes place primarily is what seem to be the lair of Maz Kanata. Though fans are not given a glimpse of Kanata, we can determine what to expect from some of her would-be patrons. A couple of mad scientist type Frigosians (pictured below) do more than just forge paperwork when it comes to giving someone a new identity that may be on the run.

Frigosian from the Comic Con Behind the scenes reel (Image: Star Wars)

All Creatures Great and Small gives readers a glimpse of Jakku. The story takes place in the midst of a pirate raid on a peaceful settlement full of people looking to not be found. It establishes the fact that law and order are hard to come by on this far off planet in the Outer Rim.

High Noon on Jakku reinforces this fact with a Wild West style story. A lone peacekeep (which has an action figure by the way) must hunt down a gang of droids that have stolen a substantial amount of credits.

The final story, The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku follow some of the previously mentioned pirate-types that frequent Jakku. We get to know about one of the leaders of a certain band of rogues, the Crimson Corsair. While this has a Pirates of the Caribbean meets Indiana Jones feel to it, the story was much to short to ever get into.

In the end, Jakku in Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t a great deal different from Tantooine. Furthermore, the band of characters fans are introduced to from Vanity Fair are not a lot different than you would expect to find in the Mos Eisley Cantina though they seem a little more fleshed out.

Ultimately, if you are looking for good stories that hold your interest, it is best to stay away from Tales of the Galaxy Far, Far Away despite the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens tag. However, if you want to know a little of the surroundings and characters, these stories are cheap enough not to make you feel too bad.

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