1 Dead, 37 Injured As Car Mows Down Pedestrians On Busy Vegas Strip

1 dead, 37 injured. According to Deputy Chief Brett Zimmerman LVMPD has determined that this is not an act of terrorism, that it was an intentional act.

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The driver  of the  car  has been identified as 24 year old  Lakiesha Holloway of Portland, Oregon. Holloway  has told officials that  she was not under the influence of  anything.  According  to public records she is being held at the Clark County Detention Center  on charges varying from failure to remain at the scene of an accident to murder. The pedestrian who  died at the scene has been identified as Jessica Valenzuela, 32, of Buckeye, Arizona who was on vacation with her husband.

According to TMZ, who has obtained a  copy of the police report, the driver  told of a “stressful period of time today where she was trying to rest/sleep inside her vehicle with her daughter.” The report further states “She would not explain why she drove on the sidewalk but remembered a body bouncing off of her windshield, breaking it.” Apparently, according to Holloway she was sober  just tired after trying to  park and sleep on  multiple hotel parking lots and being ran off.

Police are asking any witnesses to the crash to call the homicide office at 702-828-3521 to schedule a meeting to provide a statement.



We are  all  left wondering  ‘why’ this morning as we  wake to the  news  of the horrific  car crash on the Las Vegas Strip last night. Police  report 1 dead and  almost 40 injured after a woman careened on and off the sidewalk last night mowing down anyone in her path. As if the situation wasn’t dangerous and scary enough it was discovered that  she has a 3 year old toddler int he back seat the whole time.


Witness report people trying to stop the car as  people  bounced off of it and  of people  trying to punch out the  car’s windows. One  witness stated that the  woman never appeared to even try to stop. She looked straight ahead with both hands on the wheel.

The incident started  near the  Planet Hollywood where the  2015 Ms. Universe Pageant was  being held at approximately 8:45 est (6:45 pst) and ended outside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. According to Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman LVMPD  has  determined that this is  not an act of terrorism and that it was an intentional act.

The driver fled the scene but was  later arrested outside the Tuscany Suites not far away. The only information that has been revealed about the driver so far is that  she is in her 20’s and was  driving an Oldsmobile with Oregon plates.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police tweeted their sympathy with the  following message: “If anyone is  still in the area who witnessed the crash, please find an officer on the scene, we’d like to get a statement from you.”

Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman
Deputy Police Chief Brett Zimmerman

Las Vegas Governor, Governor Sandoval tweeted that Nevada is ready to assist any visitor or resident.

Governors tweet
Governors tweet

There will be updates to this story as more information is released. Motive is on everyone’s mind. What would  possess a woman to  attack innocent pedestrians with  a child in the car? It’s a tragedy that so many were injured but a miracle that there has only been one reported death so far.

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