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Follow your NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) this New Year. Why? Because New Orleans has everything to offer year round!
French Quarter at Dusk

(F)irst off, the state of Louisiana was sold off by the French to the United States due to the Haitian Revolution.  I would love to give you all the details in this article, but I think you should read the history books yourself. In short, Haiti won, Napoleon lost and New Orleans benefited from all parties involved.

(O)pulence would be an understatement term to describe the Crescent City, long ago just a muddy swamp, but still under the moonlight sky it sparkled brighter than a Ruby.

(L)ingerie is the essential to pack and shop for in this city of romance. Did you know New Orleans is the birth & death place of the 1st African American Civil War, Andre Cailloux?

(L)iterature is at its best in this city because their books makes you feel you are living the words and not just reading them and at Hotel Monteleone, you can spend the night in one of the many city famous NOLA author suites.

room_literary rooms_ernest_hemingway rooms_tenn_williams rooms_truman_capote rooms_william_faulkner

(O)bviously New Orleans is widely known for Mardi Gras and Voodou, so in order to get the best experience out of your visit I suggest getting the New Orleans Official Guide.

(W) hat did I do when I first visited the city? I stayed at the Sheraton, went on a tour with the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, then met up with NOLA published author Robert Florence, and then visited the Old Ursuline Convent. (Not all in the same day)

(Y) our bound to get famished from all that walking and touring, so I suggested not eating at your hotel because it is going to be more expensive than my college loan debt, but do eat out at Popeye’s! I know you can eat at your local fast food chain, but in New Orleans they serve alligator, crawfish and other southern dishes you can’t get anywhere else. Then wash it all down with a drink they call a Hurricane.

(O) ther things to do in the city include, taking in a show, make sure you go out and enjoy the night life. There is nothing like it on earth. Did you know they use to use red brick dust with candles to keep the sidewalk pathway lite back in the old days, hint the name Red Light District!

(U) nder the spell. Screamin Jay Hawkins, I put a spell on you must have been dedicated to New Orleans because even their cemeteries stand out. Did you know they bury their dead above ground? Seriously you can go on a tour and everything to see for yourself, night and day tours are available.

(R) est in peace, not for the dead of Nawlin’ as the locals say. You have to walk past the infamous LaLaurie house on 1140 Royal street.

(N) o other place like it on earth, it an amusement park for adults. I love Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, but lust after Tiana and Naveen. 

(O) fficially the unofficial brand ambassador for the city, I think it is my calling in life to inform you of how you can request a discounted or complimentary accommodations for a tentative trip by filling out this form.

(L) ong may she reign, the city of New Orleans has overcome the tragedy of Katrina.

(A) lways will Louisiana be the superior place to visit and live!

So how are you going to #FollowYourNola?

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