@HelpStopRape: New Instagram Account Launches to Help Victims of Rape Share Their Story

Help stop rape, change the world, and make a difference. Let’s share our stories and help others speak up.

My name is Raj’ Masa Humbert I am 19 years old and I live in New Jersey. I have recently decided to start an Instagram campaign called help stop rape (@helpstoprape), to make a difference.

I recently, decided to create this campaign because growing up I was sexually harassed and I had a hard time getting away from it. I was too scared to tell my family and friends because I didn’t know how to tell anyone. Also, I was too afraid of what would be everyone’s reaction.

The way I dealt with it was deciding to act out in school by cutting class, leaving school, and taking my anger out on everyone else. I even had suicidal thoughts and attempted to commit suicide by overdosing but luckily I made it. That night I realized that God wanted me to stay alive and I knew there was a reason behind it. That night I knew I had to help others and better myself.

I went through years of therapy and anger management classes. I believe that by creating this campaign, it will help open others eyes.

This campaign is not just for women but men too. People have a hard time believing that men can get sexually assaulted also.

Maybe, if we take rape more seriously, people wouldn’t be so afraid to open up their mouth and share their stories.

To share your stories, dm the account @helpstoprape.  Your story will be anonymous, unless you prefer to be known, and we will NOT tag you in the post of course unless you want us to.

Please help make a difference and help stop rape by heading on over to @helpstoprape and spread the word.

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