Young Thug Flirts With Mother…and Son On Instagram

Young Thug is being labeled a pedophile after sending a flirtatious DM to a Mother that included her little boy. Will Young Thug be able to get away with this behavior, or will he have to face a new lawsuit?

Rapper Young Thug makes an inappropriate remark to a young woman’s child that looks to be as young as 5 years old on Instagram. He crept his way into the attractive woman’s DM and said, “Your son is sexy and so is you.” The woman stated under the screenshot of the DM on her Instagram page, “When a man tells you that your son is sexy,” with a frowning emoji.


This was really inappropriate of Young Thug and people on Instagram and blog sites are labeling him as a pedophile. This could be career suicide for him, not a good look at all. Will he apologize for his despicable remark, or have to be faced with another lawsuit? He is treading in dangerous waters.

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