The Urban Twist & Shout Out: Binks Little

Detroit native Binks Little is making a big name for himself in the modeling industry.

Every now and then, we come across someone who just has…IT. “The It Factor,” they call it, and when you’ve got it, you’ve just got it.

With a set of pearly whites bright enough to shed light on the darkest of nights, and a body that is seemingly hand chiseled by God Himself, Detroit native Binks Little has taken the trials of growing up in the projects of one of the roughest cities in the country and turned them into triumphs that he can’t help but share his infectious smile over.

In this edition of “The Urban Twist & Shout Out,” we have a quick Q & A with Binks as he shares what takes a little boy from the projects of Motown and transforms him into such a sought after print model today.


What brought you to pursue modeling as a profession?

Growing up, people always told me I had ‘that look.’ I thought I would just give it a shot and see where I get with it. I have to say, I never really imagined I would become this popular!

What would you say is a signature look for you?

I don’t really feel like I have a signature look actually. I’m versatile and diverse, and that’s what I want to show people. I feel I can wear anything and make it dope. I just like to stand out really.

What kind of workout/diet regimen do you put yourself on to achieve that body?

High endurance workouts. I workout 5 days a week and I rest on the weekend. For my diet Monday-Friday, I eat chicken, salmon, steak with kale broccoli or brown rice for the sides. On the weekends, I can cheat and eat whatever I want.

What would you do if you ever saw your pictures being used by a Catfish?

People have been stealing my pictures for a while now. I have so many fakes that people never believe that the real me is really me! (laughs)

Where do you plan to be in five years?

Hopefully married and raising a family with multiple successful businesses.

How do you spend rainy days?

I would like to stay in the house with my lady and watch movies. I need my quality time.
If you could cover any magazine of your choosing, which one would it be and why?

GQ, because I want to show the world a boy from the projects can clean up nice with God on his side!

Be sure to keep up with the latest on Binks Little by following his Instagram: @binkslittle

[Photographs styled by: Jamar Hart]
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