How To Be Single: Upcoming Film Starring Dakota Johnson Attempts to Explain it All

The romantic comedy starring 50 Shades of Grey’s Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann hits theaters February 12th.

The synopsis of the film has Alice (Dakota Johnson) taking advice from Robin (Rebel Wilson) about being single, which takes Alice on a whirlwind of comedic and heartfelt up and downs, ending in the age old advice, follow your OWN heart!

What kind of single person am I? I love myself the way I want to be loved. I don’t go to the club, I hate crowded spaces. And the only bar I hit up is the barista table at my Barnes and Nobles Starbucks!

Don’t cry for me, because I get plenty of attention being single.  It’s usually from people in relationships, so I wonder if part 2 of How To Be Single, will be titled How To Stay Faithful In A Relationship!

No bitterness here, just sharing an experience, make sure you share yours here with the makers of the film.

This movie is the perfect Valentine Day date movie to see with that special someone, YOURSELF!

After all, it’s just like the saying, “How can you be great company, if you can’t stand your own?!”

#WhatsYourTwist on How To Be Single?

Make sure you follow the Official Twitter page of the film for sweepstakes prizes, as they are currently hosting a contest where you can win a trip to the premiere, details can be found here:

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