Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog Makes a Return on IIIZ ‘Get Away’

Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog drops a verse on IIIZ’ ‘Get Away’ but the rest of the album is not so ill.

If you’ve been wondering where the members of the 90s hip-hop group, Cypress Hill have been up to, now you know what at least one of them is up to.

Founding member, Sen Dog, 50, drops a verse on IIIZ’ album’s opening track, “Get Away.” Unfortunately, that’s the best song on the 13-track EP.

While the tracks hold spacey vibes and mellow piano keys, it lacks a certain magic to make you want to re-listen as the vocals often fall flat. It could likely work extremely well as an instrumental album. It certainly would be funner. That’s not to say the singers aren’t talented — they’re just not matched with the right background sounds.

“Manic Pixie” which has gained the most amount of streams with over 5,000 proves this as it’s three minutes and forty-four minutes of funky electronica vibes. Another note: I hope they get rid of the pyramid aesthetic — unless they’re Egyptian?

Some other fun notes: The album’s producers have an impressive resume. Ronnie King performed the keyboards on 2Pac’s “Still I Rise” and “Until the End of Time.” Alvin Taylor has worked with George Harrison and Elton John while Ditch is a rap artist who’s worked with Shock G. The latter is also signed to the same label as IIIZ, Hood and Associates.

Check out IIIZ full album below.

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