Cam Newton’s Failure From Super Bowl 50, and It’s Not What You Think

Cam Newton has been roasted in the media for his attitude at the post-game press conference, but was that the quarterback's biggest failure?

In the eyes of many, the proposed snubbing at the post-game press conference with the media was Cam Newton’s biggest failure of Super Bowl 50. The New York Times was particularly harsh to the Carolina Panther quarterback labeling his actions as that of a 13-year-old boy. They seemed to take offense to Newton spending his required three minutes giving them one-word answers as opposed to the normal banter they are accustomed to hearing from him.

Did Newton bring some of the criticism upon himself? Probably. Most larger than life type figures do. He did show up in pregame sporting a Superman shirt with a gold crest and a pair of gold shoes with MVP written across the top. Of course, the same media hounds that found that funny before the game were none to happy with his actions afterwards.

Cam Newton’s pregame cleats for Super Bowl 50 (Image: CBS Sports)

Unfortunately, Cam Newton’s biggest failure came on the field. It didn’t consist of getting sacked seven times. That blame can be placed on the shoulders of Mike Shula, the offensive coordinator. The defensive line of the Denver Broncos has been wreaking havoc all year on opponents. Not electing to chip with the running back coming out of the backfield or keeping tight end Greg Olsen in to help block was clearly a mistake.

Cam Newton’s biggest failure wasn’t fumbling twice inside his own twenty-yard line. Von Miller is an amazing athlete. The Panthers did not have an answer for him. Newton was under pressure the entire night. It can be argued the first fumble was on Newton for not seeing the pressure especially coming directly at him, but the last fumble no QB could have prevented.

Newton’s biggest failure was letting his emotions get to him on the previously mentioned fumble. It can be seen in his body movements after the initial loss of the football. He made no attempt to go for the football after Miller knocked it out of his hands, and that is inexcusable. In a situation like that, a seasoned, mature quarterback does everything possible to try to get the ball back, and Newton did not do that.

Like him or hate him, Cam Newton is a talent unlike any other. If Carolina can keep from losing players in free agency, there is no reason to believe he will not be back in the Super Bowl in the near future. That said he has to have the maturity to play the entire game despite shortcomings that present themselves.

What do you think was Cam Newton’s biggest failure? Was it his reaction in the press conference or the mentioned play?

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