Ciara: It’s Time to Leave Future’s Lame Ass In The Past

Ciara is not for the games.

Ciara is suing her baby’s father, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn a.k.a “Future” for a cool $15 million dollars for defamation of character and slander. We’ve seen Future’s petty ass comments about her parenting skills, their sex life and her relationship with her boo, Russell Wilson. The lawsuit deals directly with his attacks on her parenting their son, Future. Hold up…this negro has NO room to talk from what the streets say but I’m getting sidetracked.

Ciara's ex
Nayvadius has been extra salty since Ciara kicked him to the curb and found happiness with Russell Wilson.

Obviously, Future suffers from an acute case of P.N.S. and there’s no cure for it. Ciara is a fucking genius for filing that lawsuit. This isn’t about money. With this suit, she is giving him several “proverbial” nut punches and topping it off with a fine middle finger. Fifteen milly, Cici? Here’s the gag. He is ONLY WORTH $4 million. THIS- mi gente- is the greatest clapback ever. He hasn’t shut up about her since she has been with Russell Wilson. Clearly, it has to be difficult for him to watch a better man build something with a woman who he was “going to marry” and who has HIS son. A little over a year ago, Future was no longer a household name. He was rumored to have financial problems and was a NOBODY with a complex because his girl was more relevant than he was. OH FUCKING WELL.

ciara-russell-wilson (1) Getty Image
Ciara with Russell Wilson photo courtesy of Getty image.

Ciara’s net worth is around $16 million dollars. She came to play chess and this lame is playing checkers. If you follow her on Instagram (which I do), you can see that she is living a happy, full life filled with love and success while Future sings dumb shit like, “Jumpman”. By the way, Drake is the only reason anybody listens to it. Anyway… we all know how this will end. He will go to court and plead that he can’t afford it because he can’t. Ciara will finally get this dick to shut up and she will go on living her beautiful life with her beautiful man and baby.

In the words of my favorite narcissist, Kanye West…”I’m living in the future so the present is my past…my presence is a present…kiss my ass!”

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