Kanye West Doesn’t Pay the Extras in His Fashion Show?

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Week has caused some drama and controversy.

Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Week had caused some drama and controversy. The extras for the show blasted Kanye by uploading a photograph with a long message that said he didn’t pay.

An extra whose Instagram’s name was kurents uploaded a giant screen featuring him in a crowd at the time of the event.

“Lmao I was on the megatron at Madison for yeezy 3. Kanye finnessed 1200 young black adults into working as extras for free,” he wrote. “We didn’t find out we weren’t getting paid til 6am. He sent us to jersey and put us in Salvation Army clothes (not yeezy),” he added.


Apparently, the extras were also required to comply with a number of rules, including no eye contact, no dancing and no cool act.

What kurents said wasn’t in accordance with the agreement Kanye previously offered. Last week, Kanye announced he would launch a casting for 1,200 extras that would be paid for their participations. It meant there would be payment of $50-80 in cash. “Extras will go through makeup & wardrobe and will be positioned throughout the floor of Madison Square Garden in a fully designed set.

They will stand comfortably throughout the set and receive direction on their performance gestures,” Kanye announced.

A representative for Kanye West insisted all extras were paid but acknowledged not all of them wearing Yeezy.

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