Six Cities You’d Never Consider (But Should) for the Bachelor Life

If you're single, you'd might want to consider mingling in one of these six cities.

Most single people tend to stick to the usual cities of New York and Los Angeles when striking out on their own. But the world is much bigger than that. Some cities give you similar nightlife opportunities and career options for a fraction of the price of living in these cities. Below are six cities that are full of opportunities for you to explore.

Salt Lake City, Utah
It might not be the first place that came to mind, but Salt Lake has a lot of offer singles today. With a booming economy, there are plenty of jobs to be had in technology and engineering. It’s also a lot more affordable to find housing. Luxury apartments like those at give you the downtown Salt Lake experience and are near enough the mountains and canyons to give you a taste of the wild and adventure.

Medellin, Colombia
Once home to the world’s most famous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, this city has reinvented its torn image. Medellin has perfect weather, friendly locals, tons of nightlife options, and tons of singles. It all can be had for a much lower price than life in the USA. Don’t let the horrible reputation of the city’s past turn you away. Women and men alike are eager to share the best of what their country has to offer with you.

Melbourne, Australia
Sydney may have a higher number of opportunities, but Melbourne offers singles a different vibe. There are plenty of intelligent, enlightened singles in Melbourne, and if you are trying to save some money, you’ll find this city has a greater value than Sydney. The nightlife scene in Melbourne is well known all over Australia and has it’s own unique culture.

Miami, Florida
If you’re looking for good weather this winter, head down to Miami. New apartments cost less than in places like New York and Los Angeles and you’ll find a much more eclectic mix of diversity in Miami. Florida also has a surprising number of career opportunities for young singles to choose from,

Guayaquil, Ecuador
This port city in southern Ecuador is a great place for bachelors. The weather is warm and the cost of living is low. Ecuador uses the US dollars as their currency, so you won’t have to worry about exchanging your money and losing value on it. It’s a perfect escape for your younger years.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto in many ways is just like New York, but way more affordable. This cosmopolitan city has everything you would want and more. You can take your dates to plays, museums, music shows, bars, restaurants, parks, and anything else you would want. You’ll find a great mixture of people from all over the world in Toronto. And don’t forget to catch a Blue Jays game in the spring.

Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. And it’s easy to see why this would benefit a bachelor. You’ll have so many chances to get your name out there, and find tons of careers in technology and media. It does rain a lot here, but the climate is comfortable and clean because of this.

Bachelors have plenty of options to choose from for living conditions both in the states and abroad. It’s all about what you want, and where you’re willing to go to get it.

The world is your oyster, so make a choice and go after your dreams!

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